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Billedskolen i Tvillingehallen
"Hallohøj - her kommer jeg! Børn illustrerer H.C. Andersens eventyr" (Hello there - here I come! Children illustrate Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales) was a project headed by the art school Billedskolen i Tvillingehallen, targeting children aged 3 - 13. Fifty schools were invited to take part, and each school was given a fairytale to illustrate prompted by questions such as "What relevance does the fairytale have to your life" and "What do you most vividly remember from the fairytale". One or two classes at each school were given the opportunity to exhibit their illustrations at the Round Tower in Copenhagen in November and December 2004. The exhibition will be on show in Odense and in Sweden in April 2005.

The Centre for Children's Literature /Educational resources at the HCA portal
Project Manager: Professor Torben Weinrich.
Children the world over are familiar with Hans Christian Andersen, and schools the world over feature Andersen's fairytales in their curriculum, especially in junior classes. Andersen's works are interpreted, discussed, illustrated and dramatised.
Imagine that a school class in South Africa on a given day decides to work with one of Andersen's fairytales. Chances will be that hundreds of schoolchildren around the world do the exact same thing. Imagine two pupils: one in South Africa and one in Iceland, who the exact same moment colour an image of a character in Andersen's fairytale "The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep".
The Danish Centre for Children's Literature has launched a Hans Christian Andersen 2005 web portal, mainly aimed at educationalists at primary school level. The web portal is to feature as the official educational website in relation to the 2005 Hans Christian Andersen bicentenary. The inspirational educational resources offered at the website are targeted at teachers, educationalists, consultants and others planning an educational programme related to Andersen.
The web portal will be updated with new material in an ongoing process and will feature, among other things, a number of inspirational articles and bright ideas based on educational experience and a number of studies conducted on the subject.
The Danish University of Education has in collaboration with the Danish Centre for Children's Literature devised educational resources targeting elementary school teachers worldwide. The aim of the project is to inspire teachers to adopting new methods of teaching in relation to Hans Christian Andersen. The resources include articles on the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen, suggested educational approaches, background material and a virtual exhibition featured in 24 languages. The material was made available in full as of 1 April 2005 and can be downloaded free of charge at the official HCA2005 web portal here.

An extensive pilot project was conducted in the autumn of 2003 covering three elementary schools in Denmark. Seminars are held in Denmark on an ongoing basis, and three educational books have been published in Danish by the University Press of the Danish University of Education. These publications have been distributed to all Danish elementary schools:
"Pen og blækus - nye og gamle tingseventyr" (Pen and inkpot - new and old fairytales with things).
"Børnene kyssede mig kærligt - H.C. Andersen og børnene" by Vibeke Stybe ("The Children kissed me kindly - Hans Christian Andersen and the children" by Vibeke Stybe)
"Det er ganske vist! Lærerens bog om H.C. Andersen" (It's absolutely true! The teacher's book on Hans Christian Andersen")
The Danish Centre for Children's Literature has also surveyed the awareness of Andersen among Danish schoolchildren.

The Institute for Upper-Secondary Education
Project Management: Prof. Finn Hauberg Mortensen and Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Harry Haue.
As a national institute supporting the development of upper-secondary education nationwide, the institute sees it as an important task to exploit the wide interest in Andersen in an educational context.
The institute has therefore established a partnership with the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation with the aim of promoting as wide a use as possible of the works of Hans Christian Andersen within multi-disciplinary education, reaching out to the imagination of young people. In facilitating this, the institute has undertaken four initiatives:
- The hosting of an international competition open to upper-secondary students worldwide.
- The publicising of central secondary texts on Hans Christian Andersen on the Internet.
- The devising of web-based educational programmes featuring texts and images targeting upper-secondary teaching and supporting multi-disciplinary project teaching.
- The publicising of an educational newspaper with central texts from Hans Christian Andersen's authorship.
To facilitate these undertakings, the institute has established an eight-person workgroup, two members of which are Ph.D. students working with Andersen related issues within text and media education and who study how educators currently use the storyteller within upper-secondary education. The workgroup is headed by Director of the Institute, Professor Finn Hauberg Mortensen, who is also recognised internationally for his Andersen research. 

Specialpædagogisk Forlag
The Danish educational resource publisher Specialpædagogisk Forlag has issued two books in Danish - "H.C. Andersens liv" (The Life of Hans Christian Andersen) by Kirsten Ahlburg and Karl Aage Kirkegaard and "Hille den!" with 8 selected Andersen fairytales. Both books are also available as listening books. The books generally target schools offering either Danish for foreigners, adult education or programmes for children with special needs.
Published in August 2004.

"Andersen til 6. klasse" (Andersen for 6th grade) is a book project where all Danish elementary schools are to receive an edition of Andersen's most celebrated fairytales with colloquial Danish spelling, targeting 12-year-olds attending Danish 6th grade. The book is illustrated with new illustrations by Flemming B. Jeppesen, and the preface is by the former Danish Minister of Education, Ulla Tørnæs. The book will be issued 3 March this year and will be supported by an inspirational web-based educational resource platform aimed at project-related Hans Christian Andersen teaching ( The web-platform will also feature a section that pupils can use when working with the book on their own. The project has been created in association with the Danish Ministry of Education.

Thorvaldsen's Museum
Project Manager: Curator Annesofie Becker.
The exhibition "To Write is an Act of Love: Copenhagen, Paris, Alexandria" is an exhibition on how Hans Christian Andersen learnt to master the art of writing and thus realised his potential as one of the greatest storytellers of all time. Additionally, the exhibition marks the founding of the HCA-abc Foundation, which has been established in the name of Hans Christian Andersen to address illiteracy worldwide.
The exhibition features two spectacular elements. The first element is a very large reading desk with built-in touch-screens and a sizable glass case on the middle containing original Andersen manuscripts. The other element is an outdoor 6 x 5 metre book-shaped giant screen. Both elements are knowledge-based and feature interactive interface, which allows users to access Andersen's manuscripts and diary entries as well as related information and storytelling. Andersen features prominently in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register, and following the inauguration of the exhibition at Thorvaldsen's Museum in Copenhagen in early April 2005, the exhibition will move to the UNESCO building in Paris in celebration of the International Literacy Day, 8 September. The exhibition will feature in Paris during the 33rd UNESCO General Conference before finally being moved to the new World Library, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in Alexandria, Egypt.
Andersen's diaries are a unique key to understanding how he saw the art of writing as a door to the world around him. Andersen's diaries are not widely known, which is why this exhibition is a unique opportunity to learn more about the value Andersen attributed to language in creating dialogue and establishing mutual understanding between people of all cultures.
The exhibition has been created in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Education. Exhibition architects: Damsbo & Ingemann Nielsen
Dialogue: authors Paul Auster, Jens Andersen and Joakim Garff.

Danish Educational Resource Centres
The regional educational resource centres in Denmark will host a poster competition open to elementary and upper-secondary schools. Each of Denmark's 16 resource centres will select a number of drawings entered by schoolchildren with which to create a collage. The 16 collage posters will feature as a frieze depicting the life of Hans Christian Andersen. Winning entries will be announced on 2 April 2005.

The University of Southern Denmark / The Centre for Narratological Studies.
"When we get to the end we shall know more than we do now" was the title of an international symposium held at the University of Southern Denmark in Kolding, 15 - 17 August 2003. The symposium dealt with Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales and the challenge they represent to narratology. Speakers at the symposium included representatives from universities in Denmark, the other Nordic countries and Germany. The seminar was in part a closed seminar for researchers and Ph.D. students and in part open to the general public. The seminar papers will be published in early 2005.

Formidlingscentret Assistens Kirkegård
Project Manager: Director Gitte Lunding Johansen.
According to his will, Hans Christian Andersen lies buried at the Copenhagen cemetery, Assistens Kirkegaard. In 2005, the heritage centre at the cemetery will host a number of educational activities throughout the year. In addition, a number of booklets in Danish and English about Andersen will be published:
1. "The history of Hans Christian Andersen's grave" by Gitte Lunding Johansen
2. "'Death  I sense in all my limbs' - Hans Christian Andersen and the cemetery" by Caspar Andreas Jørgensen
3. "Hans Christian Andersen - among family and friends" by Christoffer Jørgensen
4. A Booklet about Hans Christian Andersen use of the cemetery as inspiration for a number of stories.
The booklets will be printed prior to the exhibition "Med Døden som Rejsekammerat" (With Death as Travelling Companion) that opens 29 March and is shown until 18 December 2005. Admission 20 kr.

Byens Børn
Project Manager: Deputy Office Manager, Henny Rasmussen Cascino.
"Eventyrskulpturer" (Fairytale Sculptures) is a project initiated by the children's activity centre Byens Børn in association with the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Five public libraries representing different neighbourhoods have selected a number of schools and institutions where a select group of children, teachers and educationalists in collaboration with six professional artists are to create fairytale sculptures inspired by Hans Christian Andersen. The materials used will feature everything from scrap to gas concrete, clay, wood, glass and paint. The sculptures are to be completed by 11 May 2005 and will be exhibited at the neighbourhood culture centre Islands Brygge Kulturhus. The exhibition opens on 12 May 2005 at noon. During the summer of 2005, the exhibition will also feature as a touring exhibition and will be on display at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen (See Kulturstaldene Halmtorvet, Danish City Initiatives) among other places.
The Systime Publishing House
"H.C. Andersen - biografi og bibliografi" (Hans Christian Andersen - A Biography and Bibliography). Systime will publish an anthology targeting upper-secondary schools that features literary analyses and biographical material. The book addresses the following topics and themes:
- Travel (Danish as well as cosmopolitan and global openness).
- Myth and image-making - and insecurity.
- The child and childishness.
- Nature, technology and development.
- Sexuality, gender, homo-eroticism and androgyny.
- Dreams, fear and anxiety.
- Death, redemption and literary climax - or tragedy 
Edited by Ivy York Möller Christensen.
The book will be issued in early 2005.

The Nordic Institute, Aarhus University
"& Andersen" is the title of a series of lectures to be held during the autumn semester of 2005 at the Nordic Institute at Aarhus University focusing on Andersen?s life and on Danish literature following his death. Authors convey how they draw inspiration from Andersen while scholars relate how Andersen has influenced a number of authors. Contributors: Klaus Rifbjerg, Peer E. Sørensen, Louis Jensen, Peter Adolphsen, and Ib Michael, among others.

The University of Southern Denmark / The Hans Christian Andersen Conference
The Hans Christian Andersen Centre, under the auspices of the University of Southern Denmark, will host and international Hans Christian Andersen conference in 2005, which is expected to draw an attendance of 200 delegates from Denmark and abroad. The conference will focus on Andersen as an author between children's and adult literature and is to generate a number of scientific papers of value for future research. The conference is scheduled for 1 - 5 August 2005 at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense. Registering for the conference closed on 1 February 2005.

Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet
Project Manager: Chairperson Conny Stolberg-Rohr and Manager Ulla Englich.
Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet (The Tinderbox Children's Culture House) is behind "Hearts of Andersen", a heart-shaped fairytale installation that sends children (and grownups) on an enchanted journey into the life and fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen ("The Snow Queen", "The Fir Tree", "The Sweethearts" and "The Steadfast Tin Soldier"). The installation reflects the contrasts often found in Andersen's fairytales - raw nature in contrast to refined culture, fire and heat in contrast to cold, and dirtiness in contrast to cleanness.
Throughout his childhood, youth and adult life, Hans Christian Andersen was surrounded by both warm-hearted people as well as cold people.
Artist Thomas Wolsing comments:
"A heart is exposed to a lot of hardship, but no matter where we are in life, we carry our heart and are subject to constant transformation."
"Hearts of Andersen" features an artistic space with room for transformation. Here children and adults alike, equipped with a small hart-shaped box, can embark on a journey of discovery into Andersen's fairytales as well as their own life.
Visitors can experience live readings of Andersen's magnificent fairytale "The Snow Queen" and challenge their own creativity by painting fairytales illustrations and dressing up as Andersen fairytale characters.
Moreover, The Tinderbox Children's Culture House has entered into a collaboration with the twinned city of the town of Odense, Funabashi in Japan, where the staging of Andersen's fairytale "Thumbelina" with stage set design by Frands Christiansen will be on display from April 2005 at the Andersen Park, /

Université Paris Sorbonne-Paris IV (France)
Marc Auchet, professor in Danish at the Sorbonne in Paris and translator of Hans Christian Andersen, has organised an international seminar on Hans Christian Andersen. The seminar will be hosted at the Sorbonne in Paris, 17 - 18 June 2005. An attendance of 20 delegates is expected. The aim of the seminar is to stimulate the interest in Hans Christian Andersen in France where there is little tradition for Andersen research.

The University of Vienna (Austria)
Prof. Sven Hakon Rossel will host an international conference at the Scandinavian Institute under the auspices of the University of Vienna. The focus of the conference will be on the translation of Andersen's works. Three celebrated translators will be present: Marc Auchet (France), W. Glynn Jones (UK) and Gisela Perlet (Germany). A workshop in applied method will render insight into the topic. Additionally, the Vienna City Museum will feature an exhibition on Andersen in Austria. The exhibition will be based on the touring exhibition created by the Odense City Museums supplemented with local material.

The Flying Suitcase (Rep. Ireland & UK)
All fifth-grade elementary school classes in the Republic of Ireland and the UK have been given the opportunity to receive "The Flying Suitcase", which contains an edition of Andersen's fairytales, a film with Andersen fairytales, paper cuts and general information on Denmark as well as educational resources developed by the Danish Centre for Children's Literature. The suitcase is to inspire schoolchildren to write their own fairytales. Winners will be awarded a school excursion with the entire class to Denmark, sponsored by the VisitDenmark office in the UK and the Rep. of Ireland in association with The Guardian and The Observer. Registering for the competition closes in February 2005. The winners will be selected in February 2005, and the class trips will take place during April-May 2005. The project is based on a pilot project conducted by VisitDenmark in the Benelux countries in 2003.

The Anaya Publishing House (Spain)
A paperback edition of eight of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales targeted at Spanish schools in connection to the web-based educational project, which has been developed by the Danish Centre for Children's Literature on behalf of the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation. The book project is organised by the Royal Danish Embassy in Spain in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Berlin Fairytale Days (Germany)
Fairytale Festivals have been celebrated in central and northern Germany, not least Berlin, for 14 years running. In 2005, the Berlin Fairytale Days, Berliner Märchentage, will be devoted to Hans Christian Andersen. The festival will be named "The Galoshes of Fortune" in his honour, which will bring the Berlin Fairytale Days back in full circle to when the event was originally launched in 1990 to celebrate the anniversary of Andersen's birth. The event, which will be the world's largest fairytale festival, will tour Germany from 22 October to 2 November 2005. The Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Days will be featured in Berlin under the catchphrase: 'The whole world comes to Berlin.'
The festival will be staged by the organiser (Märchenland  e.V.) from 3 - 13 November 2005. More than 1000 events, catering to all age groups and featuring all the arts, will be hosted at 300 venues.

The events include:
Public readings, theatre and music.
An international Hans Christian Andersen symposium.
A nationwide children?s competition with Andersen as theme.
Weekly fairytale lessons at a number of schools.
Supplementary training for educationalists in Hans Christian Andersen's authorship
370 public library events appealing to children and adults alike.
Film festivals
Exhibitions created in collaboration with the Berlin museum authority educational department.
A number of VIP events

The activities will take place all year round, although November 2005 will be a highpoint of activity.

Logo Cooperations

The European School, Karlsruhe

The European School in Karlsruhe will stage a national Day of Lecture entitled "Hans Christian Andersen"in association with the German newspaper Die Zeit. The main feature will be the reading of "The Fir Tree" in six different languages.
Students at the school will work with the following projects:

Performing readings of their own fairytales (Senior classes will read aloud to those younger than themselves).
Staging readings and presenting analyses of Andersen fairytales conducted by Finnish students
A theatre performance of "The Swineherd" in French and German at kindergartens
An Andersen reading performed for senior classes in German, English, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch.
A project entitled "Fairytales for all Senses" performed by mothers of pupils at five language departments, who will read to the school's junior pupils in the library.

Location: The European School in Karlsruhe.
Information: .

The Colombo Children's Book Society (Sri Lanka)
Project Manager: Dr. Dhammadesha Ambalampitiya
The Colombo Children's Book Society is a voluntary organisation addressing illiteracy in Sri Lanka. The organisation will host several events in celebration of the Andersen bicentenary, including the creation of several readers' centres for children, the publishing of Hans Christian Andersen children's books and the hosting of a nationwide theatre and essay competition on the subject of Hans Christian Andersen.

Karin Elver / The County of Copenhagen
Project Manager: Karina Elver.
Ballet Dancer at the Royal Danish Ballet and Choreograph Karina Elver will during the spring of 2005 visit the Danish Indian Children's Home in the town of Arni in the State of Tamil Nadu. For two months she is to teach classical European ballet to the 30 girls at the institution aged 4 - 13. As part of the training, the pupils are to stage a dance theatre performance at local schools in Arni of a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. In the autumn of 2005, India will be presented to the Danish audience.  Different India-related events will be on offer to Danish schools, kindergartens, libraries and other relevant institutions in association with Jesper Boysen.