Fyrtøjet - A Children's Culture Centre: Hearts of Andersen 
Hearts of Andersen is a heart-shaped fairytale installation that sends children (and grownups) on an enchanted journey into the life and fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen (The Snow Queen, The Fur Tree, The Sweethearts and The Steadfast Tin Soldier). The installation reflects the juxtapositions that we often meet in Andersen's fairytales - raw nature in contrast to refined culture, fire and heat in contrast to cold, and dirtiness in contrast to cleanness.

Throughout his childhood, youth and adult life, Hans Christian Andersen was surrounded by benevolent, evil, cold and warm-hearted people, and Thomas Wolsing, the artist behind the installation comments:

"A heart is exposed to a lot of hardship, but no matter where we are in life, we carry our heart and are subject to constant transformation."

Hearts of Andersen features an artistic space with room for transformation. Here children and adults alike equipped with a small hart-shaped box can embark on a journey of discovery into Andersen's fairytales, as well as their own life.

They can experience live storytelling performance of Andersen's magnificent fairytale The Snow Queen and challenge their own creativity by painting fairytales illustrations and by being dressed up as Andersen fairytale characters.

The Tinderbox Children's Culture House will feature the art installation in association with the twinned city of the town of Odense, Funabashi in Japan, where it will be on display from April 2005 at the Andersen Park in addition to the staging of Thumbelina with stage set design by Frands Christiansen.

To Write is an Act of Love: Copenhagen - Paris - Alexandria
PROJECT MANAGER: Curator Annesofie Becker
Exhibition architects: Damsbo & Ingemann Nielsen

This exhibition marks the birth of the HCA abc-Foundation, established in the name of Hans Christian Andersen. The exhibition highlights how Hans Christian Andersen learnt to master the art of writing and thus conquer the world. The exhibition is based on Andersen's diaries (published 1971 - 1977) covering the 1825 - 1875 period. Hans Christian Andersen knew he had to master the art of reading and writing to fulfil his dreams: to become a writer and reach his potential.

The exhibition will open in April 2005 at Thorvaldsen's Museum in Copenhagen. It will then be exhibited at the UNESCO building in Paris to mark the International Literacy Day on 8 September 2005 running up to UNESCO's 33rd general conference coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the United Nations. Following this, the exhibition will continue to Alexandria in Egypt where it will feature as a permanent exhibition at the new world library, Bibliotheca Alexandria.

Hans Christian Andersen's work is featured in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, embracing the heritage of world literature. Andersen's diaries offer unique insight into how he viewed writing as a road to understanding the world around him.

The basic aim of the HCA abc-Foundation - to address illiteracy worldwide - reflects the importance Andersen attributed to creating dialogue through writing.

The exhibition is created in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Education.

Gyldendal Education
PROJECT MANAGER: Director Flemming Møldrup

To enhance the reading ability and cultural education of Danish children, the Danish Ministry of Education has forged collaboration with the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation and the Gyldendal Publishing House to publish educational resources which adopt a modern educational approach to Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales.

Short description of the two parts of the project:

The book:
All Danish schools will receive a newly illustrated edition of the most famous of Andersen's fairytales aimed at 6th grade pupils. The fairytales will be featured in original versions with modern spelling, and the book will include a preface by the Minister of Education.

The book includes around 30 of the most famous fairytales, which all children ought to be familiar with.

The book will be published on the day marking the bicentenary of the birth of the poet and will be issued to all 6th grade children through county educational resource centres nationwide.

The web:
Coinciding with the publishing of the book, a web-based educational resource platform will be launched that offers an inspirational catalogue of ideas aimed at teachers working with project-based Andersen education. The web site will also offer student resource support and will be made available from January 2005.

Andersen 200th Anniversary Forum
Conference on Andersen's impact on children education
Producers: China Academy of Arts in collaboration with Beijing Century Jinlai Education & Culture Development Company.

An international conference dealing with Hans Christian Andersen's impact on children's education. The aim is to explore how Andersen's work influences on the global youth culture from an academic perspective, and the approach to contemporary literature in terms of education.

The conference take place over several days, each with their special topic: Andersen's fairy tales and children education, Andersen's fairy tales as basis for new children literature, TV and film productions for children, Publications for children, Fairy tales in view of children psychology.

The Danish University of Education/The Centre for Children's Literature
PROJECT MANAGER: Professor Torben Weinreich.
In connection with the 2005 celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Hans Christian Andersen, the Centre for Children?s Literature will contribute by creating qualified Hans Christian Andersen-related educational programmes for primary and secondary school education.

The aim is that Danish school children in all grades are to experience the narrative and life of Hans Christian Andersen, to understand how other cultures perceive his work and life and to gather insight into the contemporary setting and literature of his time.

These aims are addressed through a number of initiatives, among them the launch of a new website, the publication of books, the hosting of seminars and the establishing of a touring exhibition, which will also be accessible in a virtual version on the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 portal hca2005.com.

Finally, the centre seeks through research to study the familiarity with the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen among Danish children and youngsters as well as the use of his fairytales and foreign-language translations and adaptations of these in an educational context.

The educational project, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet, will also feature in a number of different languages from the spring of 2004.

The Danish Institute for Upper Secondary Education (DIG)

The national institute responsible for the curriculum of upper secondary education regards tapping into the current overwhelming interest in Hans Christian Andersen and exploiting it in an educational context as a natural undertaking. The institute has therefore established collaboration with the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 Foundation with the aim of bringing Andersen's work into professional play and thus into the minds of young people. The institute aims at promoting the study of Andersen's works with four initiatives:

- By hosting an international Hans Christian Andersen competition open to all upper secondary education teachers worldwide.

- The publishing of central secondary material related to Hans Christian Andersen on the web.

- The compiling of Andersen related educational resources, including images and texts, aimed at upper secondary education to enhance teaching methods.

- The publishing of an educational journal with central texts by Hans Christian Andersen.

To meet this challenge, the institute has established an eight-member working group to further the development of Andersen studies in upper secondary education. The working group includes two PhD students, studying Hans Christian Andersen related issues within text and media education. The group is headed by the Director of the Institute for Upper Secondary Education, Professor Finn Hauberg Mortensen, who is an experienced Hans Christian Andersen researcher on an international level.

The Danish Centre for Children's Literature
PROJECT MANAGER: Professor Torben Weinreich

Children the world over are familiar with Hans Christian Andersen, and schools worldwide use his fairytales in their education - especially in primary school teaching where his fairytales are read, discussed, illustrated and dramatised.

On any given day hundreds of school children the world over read and study the same Andersen fairytale. You can imagine two pupils - one in South Africa and one in Iceland - each colouring their drawings of the Shepherdess in the fairytale The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep at the same time.

The Centre for Children's Literature hosts a new site on the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 portal primarily aimed at primary school teachers. The site will feature as the official educational site for the Hans Christian Andersen 2005 bicentenary. The content will be resource material for professionals, such as teachers and educational consultants, who plan Andersen related education.

The educational portal, to be updated regularly, will feature a number of inspirational articles for Andersen related education as well as new educational research. The most recent survey of awareness among children and the young of the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen conducted by the Danish Centre for Children's Literature will, for instance, be freely available from the portal.

Andersen Awards
Awards for various children and family activities
Producer: Preschool Education Magazine

Throughout 2004, the Preschool Education Magazine will produce a special inlet on Hans Christian Andersen's influence on childhood education for each issue. The initiative will be accompanied by various competitions to be assessed in 2005, the result leading to the nomination of awards in different categories that will be distributed by mid-2005.

Awards to be attributed include "The Andersen Family Award" - to families for the best description of how to use Hans Christian Andersen as an inspirational source in daily life, "The Ugly Duckling Award" - to children for best original story, and "The Andersen Art Award" - to children for best work of art (painting, paper cut, mud-art and so on.)

Educational Research
Elaboration of research topics and publication of results as publications.
Producer: Academy of Educational Science, Section of Children's Education.

The intention is establish a research that examines the relation between children's reading habits and the development of individual personality by using Hans Christian Andersen as a generating device. The aim is to analyze how children comprehend society and understand cultural norms through the reading of fairy tales.

The research will be separated in six distinct topics:

1. How do contemporary Chinese children perceive the universe of Andersen's stories
2. How do different age groups conceive the content of selected stories   
3. How does age affect the reading habits
4. Which impact does Andersen's stories have on children's interest for reading (books)
5. Which influence does Andersen's stories have on the way children perceive themselves
6. Which influence does Andersen's stories have on the development of children's personalities

The research will be based on statistics, practical research, age differentiated material, reading plans and parallel sub-title research supplemented with international research results (if any).

Day of Lecture at the European School in Karlsruhe

The European School in Karlsruhe will host the national Day of Lecture event entitled Hans Christian Andersen, which will be hosted by the German newspaper Die Zeit. The main feature will be the reading of The Fir Tree in six different languages.

Students at the school will work with the following projects:

performing readings of their own fairytales (Senior classes will read aloud to those younger than themselves); reading and analysis of an Andersen fairytale involving Finnish students; a theatre troupe will perform The Swineherd in French and German in kindergartens; readings of Andersen fairytales performed for senior classes in German, English, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch; a project entitled Fairytales for all Senses performed by mothers of pupils at five language departments who will read for the school's first-grade pupils in the library.

Location: Europäische Schule Karlsruhe

Seminar: Hans Christian Andersen's 200th Birthday

Over the course of a weekend, seminar delegates will delve into the world of Andersen and gather insight into Andersen's journey to Italy, read about his encounter with the former Danish duchies of Northern Germany, including the town of Lübeck, and will study the correspondence between Andersen and Count Rantzau of Breitenburg.

Speakers will include Professor Dr. Heinrich Detering, who is an Andersen translator, and Dr Bernd Kretschmer, director of the Danish Culture Institute in Germany, and philologist Dr. Wilfried Hauke, who is a TV producer, as well as many other Andersen experts. 

Location: Europäische Akademie Schleswig-Holstein e.V., 24988 Sankelmark
Information: Tel. +49 (04630)-55 112,