Palle Mikkelborg, Composer:

Palle Mikkelborg took up the trumpet in 1956 and became a professional musician in 1960. He established himself as an orchestral musician when he became a member of the Danish Radio Jazz Group and the Danish Radio Big Band (DRJO's original name) in the 1960s.

As a leader of these bands during the 1970s, he developed his talents as a composer and arranger for large ensembles as well as a skilled interpreter of the work of other composers and arrangers.

Palle Mikkelborg also worked with other, smaller groups during this time as he continued to refine his instrumental and composing talents.

Thoughout the 1980s, Palle Mikkelborg's growing reputation among musicians led to several tours and recordings in Europe and Japan.

For the past ten years or so, Palle Mikkelborg has led his own group with himself and the Welsh harp player Helen Davies as the focal point.

Produced by Mediestunt

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