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Suzanne Vega. Born in 1959 in California. She started out studying dance at the High School of the Performing Arts, but it was the guitar and songwriting that interested her most. She taught herself to play guitar and has written her own songs, inspired by Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. In April 1985, her debut album, "Suzanne Vega," was released. It was produced by Lenny Kaye and Steve Abdabo. The album achieved an 11th-place spot on the UK Album Chart, and it contained her first hit single, "Marlene on the Wall."

The next CD from Suzanne Vega was called "Solitude Standing," which contained the single "Luca." "Luca" was a huge success. It received a Grammy nomination and an MTV award. In 1992, inspired by the British group DNA's remix of "Tom's Diner" from "Solitude Standing," she released her third album: "99.9F." It won the New York Music Award as best rock album.

Moreover, she has collaborated on sound tracks for the films "Dead Man Walking" and "The Truth about Cats and Dogs."  In 1999, she published the book "The Passionate Eye: The Collected Writings of Suzanne Vega" and, in 2001, she released her latest album, "Songs in Red and Gray."