Writer and presentator, Ivo de Wijs was born in Tilburg NL on the 13th of July 1945. From 1971 to 1980 he performed with the theatre group "het Kabaret Ivo de Wijs" who altogether made 4 shows, 6 records and a CD.

From 1997 until 2002 Ivo de Wijs and Peter Nieuwint made 10 theatre shows per season called "Literair Varié2".

Today Ivo still writes texts for Samson en Gert, Pauk de Keeuw, Di Gojim etc. but first and foremost for the "Kabaret Lurelei". For the "Toneelgroep Theater" he adapted the play "Great Expectations" (by Dickens) into the musical "Pip" and wrote the song texts for the musical "Pippi Langkous" and "Koning van Kantoren". Furthermore he worked on the musicals "De Jatjes" and "Foxtrot" and made a new translation of the musical "Irma la Douce".

With Joop Stokkelmans Ivo de Wijs created 6 musicals for children and he wrote the musical "Nijntje inspired by the books by Dick Bruna.

In 2001 the best song texts of Ivo de Wijs were published by Nijgh en Van Ditmar.

Ivo de Vijs on the right