José María Merino (1941) lived many years in León but now resides in Madrid. He has a law degree and has worked in both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture before he dedicated himself to the world of literature. He has also been collaborating with UNESCO in Centralamerica and is a member of the publishing magazine Revista de Libros.

José María Merino is the author of numerous novels, short stories and poetry, and the recipient of many prestigious narrative awards. He began his career by writing poetry and has written "Cumpleaños lejos de casa". He gained widespread recognition with his novel "Novela de Andrés Choz", which earned him the Premio Novelas y Cuentos in 1976.

His novel "La orilla oscura" was awarded with the Premio de la Crítica in Spain in 1986 and he won the Premio Nacional Juvenil for "No soy un libro" in 1993. "Las visiones de Lucrecia" received the Premio Miguel Delibes de Narrativa in 1996. In addition he was awarded the Premio de NH de relatos in 2003.

Jose María Merino has also written "El centro del aire", "Ficción continua", y "El Heredero".
His work stands out for its richness and variety of registers, and modes. His books have been translated into varies languages and his stories, compiled in "Cincuenta cuentos y una fibula" (1997) and are included in all of the most important anthologies dedicated to the contemporary short story.