Sandi Toksvig
Sandi Toksvig was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.  As the daughter of Danish Television's first foreign correspondent, she grew up all over the world in including New York and various parts of Africa.  Sandi took her degree at Girton College, Cambridge and went on to become a broadcaster and writer like her father. Sandi has written twelve books which range from children's fiction to adult, from travel writing to short stories. She is well known on both television and radio and currently hosts her own shows on both LBC (London Broadcasting Corporation) radio and Radio 4. Her latest novel, due out next year, is set during the occupation of Denmark in the Second World War.

Sandi has a long connection with Hans Christian Andersen.  In 1934 her great aunt Signe Toksvig published a definitive biography of the great writer - The Life of Hans Christian Andersen (published by Macmillan). Signe passed on a copy of the book in 1966 when Sandi was eight and it has been well read. Andersen's stories were among the first Sandi read as a child.  That tradition continued with her children. When they were born Sandi embroidered scenes from the stories which still hang in her children's bedroom.