Jacques De Decker works both as a literary author, a play writer and for the Belgian press. He was born in 1945, and from the age of 18 he participated in the establishment of a theatre in Brussels. Ever since then he has written theatre pieces that have been translated into different languages and played as far a way as Australia.

He has created French versions of more than fifty theatre pieces by artists such as Shakespeare, Kleist, Hugo Claus, Botho Strauss and Woody Allen.
He has written many novels, short stories and philosophical dialogues that have been translated into several languages such as Spanish, Dutch and Rumanian. He is also one of the best known Belgian cultural critics working for the newspaper "Le Soir" that also regularly prints his literary essays.

He is the editor of the literary magazine "Marginales", and in 2002 he was elected perpetual secretary of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature in Belgium.