Carl Norac is a writer and was born in 1960 in Mons, Belgium. Besides writing poetry and theatre pieces he has also written more than forty children's books which for the larger part have been published by Editions Pastel and Macmillan. Some of these books, like for example "I Love You So Much" ("Les mots doux"), have been translated into twenty two languages.

When Carl Norac was a child his favorite book was a collection of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. It was a large volume from Grund illustrated by the Czech Jiri Trnka. In this book he discovered the world of the fairies, which is a theme that he is very much attached to. He also met a sense of humor and a particular world view.

It is therefore not a coincident that the author's favorite activity today, along with poetry, is the writing of illustrated fairy tales. Today Carl Norac's stories travel a lot, and two of the titles have just been published in Danish in Copenhagen: "Drengen der gerne ville vokse" ("Un secret pour grandir") from Sesam in 2003 and "Isbjørnen der var så flink" ("Tu es si gentil, mon ours") from Klematis. Other books are planned for 2005.