Bryce Courtenay was born in 1933 in South Africa and spent his early childhood years in a small town deep in the heart of the Lebombo mountains. Bryce Courtenay was banned from South Africa for starting a weekend school for Africans in the school hall of the prestigious boy's school he attended. Courtenay then went to Australia where he settled down in Sydney with his Australian wife. Until the age of 55 Courtenay worked in advertising, then he became an author. Since his first publication Courtenay has become a bestselling author. Among his works are titles such as The Power of One, Tandia, April Fool's Day, The Potato Factory, Tommo & Hawk, Jessica, Solomon's Song, Smoky Joe's Cafe, Four Fires, Matthew Flinders' Cat, A Recipe for Dreaming, The Family Frying Pan and The Night Country.