In2media domicil

As digital agency we are responsible for idea generation, concept creation and art direction for the H. C. Andersen 2005-portal. On top of this we are in charge of all aspects concerning multimedia-tools such as flash, games, quiz, timeline etc. Finally we have developed H. C. Andersen 2005's content management system which enables the General Secretary to update and maintain the website.

Mind & Soul
Since In2media's founding in 1994 we have strived to create and implement digital concepts that appeal to both mind and soul - whether it is on the web, the Intranet, a mobile phone or any other digital media. 

Most agencies know how to create digital communication that appeals to the mind. However, when it comes to exciting the audience's emotions and senses it's a very different story - it's a fact that a sound information structure and some words will not do the job. What you need, however, are strong competencies within moving pictures, sound and flash as these tools combined with a high degree of aesthetic skill can fascinate and involve your customers in the brand. Or put differently, if these tools are combined wisely they will strengthen your brand markedly. This ability to excite the audience is what makes In2media stand out from the crowd.

All the way
Normally In2media is involved in the process from idea generation and strategy formulation to implementation. However via our concept developers, copywriters, digital storytellers, art directors and programmers In2media can join the project at any time.

Creative director
Søren Kjær
phone: +45 7022 1516
email: .