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The Assistens Kirkegård Heritage Centre
During 2005 , Exhibition (including permanent)
Denmark - Copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen lies buried at the Copenhagen cemetery, Assistens Kirkegård, and several projects take place there.

The Mask Theatre MORILD, Brovst
During 2005 , Concert, theatre, show
Denmark - Brovst

The Snow Queen adapted to mask and marionette theatre with the aim of touring Greenland, among other places.
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The Musikhøst Festival
During 2005 , Concert, theatre, show

The Northern Light Ensemble/ Ensemble Nordlys will perform a chamber concert with music by Hans Christian Andersen's circle of friends.
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The Open-air Theatre, Sløjfen, Holstebro
During 2005 , Concert, theatre, show
Denmark - Holstebro

A musical adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale Clumsy Hans by the local playwright and composer Leo Bech. A family entertainment musical featuring a wealth of fairytale characters.
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The Theatre Group "De slagfaste", Roskilde
During 2005 , Concert, theatre, show
Denmark - Roskilde

"The Man who wanted to be an Artist" by Jørgen Nordenhoff is a performance about the man and artist Hans Christian Andersen. However, it is equally a performance about the state of the arts and the conditions under which artists work today and that of the days of Andersen, the 18th century.
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