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The National Theatre, Brasilia, Brazil

01 November 2004 , Concert, theatre, show
Brazil - Brasilia

His Excellency, the Brazilian Minister of Culture and H.C. Andersen Ambassador Gilberto Gil opens the evening by playing either "Nightingale" or "The Ugly Duckling".

The Opera House
03 November 2004 - 06 November 2004 , Concert, theatre, show
Great Britain - London

The Anatomy of A Storyteller by Arc Dance. Dance performance created by the Danish-British choreographer Kim Brandstrup.

Playbox Theatre Company

06 November 2004 - 07 November 2004 , Concert, theatre, show
England - Warwick

Playbox Theatre Company present an all new show especially for younger children based on Hans Christian Anderson's magical and exotic tale, The Emperor and the Nightingale.

Nordic Library Week in Lithuania

08 November 2004 , Other events

The Nordic Library Week takes place every year in November and every year it has various topics.The topic of the Nordic Library Week 2004 is - Once upon the time- and it is dedicated to H.C.Andersen.

Dimpho Di Kopane, The Snow Queen

09 November 2004 - 26 November 2004 , Concert, theatre, show
USA - New York

Performances will take place at Synod Hall, 1047 Amsterdam Ave at 110th Street, New York City

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