Europäische Akademie Schleswig-Holstein

10 December 2004 - 12 December 2004 , Education
Germany - Sankelmark

Over the course of a weekend, seminar delegates will delve into the world of Andersen and gather insight into Andersen's journey to Italy, read about his encounter with the former Danish duchies of Northern Germany, including the town of Lübeck, and will study the correspondence between Andersen and Count Rantzau of Breiten

Speakers will include Professor Dr. Heinrich Detering, who is an Andersen translator, and Dr Bernd Kretschmer, director of the Danish Culture Institute in Germany, and philologist Dr. Wilfried Hauke, who is a TV producer, as well as many other Andersen experts. 

10 - 12 December 2004: Sankelmark

Location: Europäische Akademie Schleswig-Holstein e.V., 24988 Sankelmark
Information: Tel. +49 (04630)-55 112, www.eash.de


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