Eilschous Alms Houses

21 October 2004 - 06 December 2005 , Attractions
Denmark - Aarhus

Experience Eilschous Alms Houses where H.C. Andersen encountered poetry for the first time when he came here on visits as a child. Eilschous Alms Houses are located in Den Gamle By (The Old Town) which is an entire town dating back to the time of Hans Christian Andersen.

Meet the people and characters of yesteryear, experience life as it was in their living rooms and kitchens; and smell the flowers right in their own gardens. Try out old childrens games, or why not go on an exploration through-out the museum's extensive exhibitions? Pat the horses and watch out for the geese. Have a pint in the Beer Cellar and enjoy a cup af coffee and a cake in the tea garden.
Smell, taste, try - and understand.
The museum is open all year. Opening hours and entrance fees depending on season. Find information on www.dengamleby.dk


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