Golden Days in Copenhagen

During 2005 , Exhibition (including permanent)
Denmark - Copenhagen

Face to Face with Andersen. Portraits in Copenhagen.

The exhibition will feature 50 Hans Christian Andersen portraits in Copenhagen that will feature Andersen's different Copenhagen homes and his walks through town and not least his colourful circle of friends.

The portraits will be exhibited in the public space - on houses, city squares and streets - and be free for all. This journey by foot through the city of Copenhagen will not only offer insight to the life of Hans Christian Andersen but also to the city of his day. 

Fabric banners and signs will highlight the historical interest of the place, and this will be supplemented by audio guide rental and call-in audio guide phone numbers for cell-phone users.

In addition, web-based information and free after-work events will be featured every week from 2 April to 31 October 2005 where a famous personality or professional guide will introduce a phenomenon or person related to Hans Christian Andersen.


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