28 October 2003 - 01 September 2006 , Publications

Gyldendal / The Danish Language and Literature Society Contact: Klaus P. Mortensen. "ANDERSEN - H.C. Andersens samlede værke" (ANDERSEN - the collected works of Hans Christian Andersen).

A Danish version of Andersen's collected works are to be published for the first time since 1879 in joint collaboration between the Gyldendal publishing house and the Danish Language and Literature Society. Andersen's 18-volume collected works, edited by Klaus P. Mortensen, features more than 9000 pages. The work will be published in six cassettes over three years. The first cassette with the first three volumes ("Fairytales and Stories I-III") was issued on 28 October 2003. The remaining volumes will be published in succession up until the autumn of 2006. The collected works present everything that Hans Christian Andersen has printed or staged in Danish throughout his amazingly productive life. Each volume is illustrated with a large selection of drawings, paper cuts and collages from Andersen's own hand. When the last volume in the 18-volume series has been published, the collected works will represent the largest single publication of the poets work in Danish since "Samlede Skrifter", which was a 33-volume publication released between 1854 and 1879. The new work will additionally feature two important autobiographical works that have not previously been included in the collected works, namely Hans Christian Andersen's "Levnedsbogen" and "The Fairy Tale of My Life". 

Publications (revised)
1-3: Fairy Tales and Stories I-III (28 October 2003)
4-6: Novels I-III (2 April 2004)
7-9: Poems I-II og Miscellaneous (maj 2005)
10-13: Plays I-IV (Fall 2005)
14-15: Travelogues I-II (Spring 2006)
16-18: Autobiografies I-III (Fall 2006)


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