Christian Have

HAVE PR & Communication has a special place among the PR firms in Denmark  and Scandinavia  in that its goal is to work exclusively with culture. Within this framework, HAVE PR & Communication covers a broad range of genres, including theatre, ballet, opera, film, classical music, rock concerts, exhibitions, award shows and television. The firm was founded in 1984 with Christian Have as its head.

Among the far-ranging activities HAVE PR & Communication embraces are consultation on media questions, the coordination of ad campaigns, advice on repertoire, arranging for artists for cultural events at firms and institutions, press relations, including the preparation of press releases, brochures, etc., contact with the press, reviewers and illustrators, coordination of interviews and press meetings, as well as issuing VIP invitations and holding premieres and events of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, the firm works actively as a consultant for a number of the leading artists in Denmark and as a PR and fund-raising consultant for a number of large Danish businesses.

In the development of long-range strategies and visions, HAVE PR & Communication considers itself an experienced partner for cultural institutions and businesses with an interest in culture:  The premise is working for a common goal that is ultimately artistic and humanistic.