Jackie Wullschlager
Jackie Wullschlager, født1962, er uddannet i sprog og litteratur fra The University of Oxford. Siden 1986 har hun arbejdet som litteratur- og kunstkritiker på Financial Times i London. I 1995 udgav hun den anerkendte Inventing Wonderland om victorianske og edwardianske børnebogsforfattere fra Lewis Carroll til A.A. Milne. I 2000 udgav Jackie Wullschlager den anerkendte biografi Hans Christian Andersen - The Life of a Storyteller. I 2002 modtog Jackie Wullschlager Hans Christian Andersen Prisen 2002.

Jackie Wullschlager udtaler:
"Although he chose to work on a miniaturist's scale, Hans Christian Andersen is one of the great figures of world literature. His achievement in creating fairy tales of a resonance and depth which match the mythic power of ancient, anonymous folk lore, has never been equalled. His tales are part of our collective consciousness, with stories such as The Emperor's New Clothes and The Ugly Duckling bywords for aspects of the human condition. He pioneered children's literature, on which his humour and fantasy had an inestimable influence. All these unique achievements made me want to explore his life and work, yet as his biographer the greatest privilege was to be in the company of such a vividly individual artist, whose sense of the rich adventure of life, its joys and bitterness, floods through every line he wrote, and makes his stories timelessly consoling and enlightening not only to his child but also to his adult readers."